Everything you need to know about baseball

America’s pastime, you’d be hard-pressed to find a single American boy or American girl that wasn’t absolutely wild about the sport of baseball.
Invented right here in the good old USA (most historians say Cooperstown, New York was the birthplace of baseball, but new documentation shows that it may have been invented in Pittsfield, Massachusetts before it ever made its way to Cooperstown), they’ve been playing ball for more than 100 years – and likely will play ball for at least 100 more!
If you’ve ever wanted to better understand this game, or just want to be able to play or watch this favorite summertime sport live score without feeling confused, hopefully the inside information below helps you out!
The general rules of baseball
The rules of baseball are pretty simple and straightforward.
At any one time, you’ll have at least 10 people on the field – nine people on one team, a batter that is up to hit, and potentially up to three more people on the basis.
The ball starts off in the pitcher’s hand (the person that stands on the pitcher’s mound), and nothing happens until that pitcher throws the ball to the catcher. The hitter will have numerous opportunities to bat the ball into play, unless they get three strikes or four balls. Three strikes comments as an out, four balls counts as a walk, and depending upon how we’re they hit the ball – and how the ninth fielders in the field of play handle the hit – they’ll either be out or on-base.
Runners are allowed to advance at their own risk (and have the opportunity to steal bases), but most runs are going to be counted by a better being hit around the bases until they touch home plate – the fourth base on the playing field.
After three outs are recorded for a single side one half inning is completed, and then the teams switch places. This goes on until nine innings are over (or until a time is broken in as many extra innings as it takes).
Important baseball players throughout history
Though the sport of baseball has a number of individual heroes (and each team has their own legends of the sport), there are some athletes that stand head and shoulders above the rest of the pack.
Players like Babe Ruth (of the New York Yankees), Ted Williams (of the Boston Red Sox), Jackie Robinson (of the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers), Nolan Ryan (of the Texas Rangers, and others), and Willie Mays (of the San Francisco Giants) are absolute legends of the game – the kind of players that today’s athletes are still competing with some of the most prestigious records in all of professional sports.
Closing thoughts
An almost impossible sport to play on your own, baseball is exactly the kind support that helps to create real teamwork and cooperation between young athletes. Boys and girls of all ages are playing baseball in record numbers today, and even though there are a bunch of other sports that are quickly becoming popular, it remains one of the most important sports in America.